THANK YOU for your interest in the fullest, most well-rounded development of your child.

Here is our gift to you: Your guide, “The 7 Principles To Choosing The Right School

In our gift to you, we provide you with the KEY ELEMENTS to choosing THE school for your child’s fullest natural achievements now, and to lay a sound foundation as a long-term commitment to your child’s success in life.

We are sharing with you THE essential element that most schools ignore: Children thrive in environments where they are safe to take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, and share their feelings. When your children have all of that they will grow into their fullest self.

Every event in your child’s life matters – and can we agree that school is a HUGE event in a child’s life? It is a big deal! And we are equipped, prepared and happy to guide you and your child on this journey!

We invite you to tour The Montessori School of Cleveland as you prepare your child for a solid academic journey. For your convenience we set up an easy-to-use tool which allows you to schedule your tour at TMSoC. Simply click on the link below to schedule your preferred time slot for your visit.

As an additional gift, you will receive your copy of our “Follow The Child” parent information folder once your visit is scheduled.

As you will realize during your visit at The Montessori School of Cleveland, it is about the academics, the value systems, the hands-on learning fun, and SOOOOO much more!

This is YOUR child’s life, it is unique, it is fragile, it is fun and there are no second chances.

The way most children are treated in schools nowadays suggests a lack of respect for their needs and preferences to fully develop into their truest self – in fact, a lack of respect altogether.

Know exactly which school is right for you!

Once you see how important a well-rounded learning facility is, you’ll understand why we do what we do at The Montessori School of Cleveland, and that’s why we share our guide “The 7 Principles To Choosing The Right School” with you, so you can make this sound decision with ease for the sake of your child’s future.

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It takes a village to raise a child, let us create this village together.
At Your Service,

Your Montessori Team