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(please note that The Montessori School of Cleveland used to operate under the name: Montessori Kinder from 2005 until 2015)

Our daughter was attending another school, and we thought we were satisfied.  Before long, parents from Montessori Kinder asked us to consider making a move.  I drug my feet for almost two years, while my wife was sold after speaking to other parents and doing a little research.  Why?  Montessori Kinder, it is different. A site visit softened my hesitations – plus we could be part of a growing school.  Our daughter, Maeve, (4 yrs. – Primary Classroom) and our son, Spencer, (2 yrs. – Pre-Primary Classroom) started the summer session 2010.  From “chair management” (pushing chair under table) to “will you introduce me to this lesson,” we quickly witnessed them flourish.  Montessori Kinder, it is different.  One morning Maeve said, “Daddy, I have zero breakfast left.”  Zero based counting helped her naturally progress to calculations beyond ten, even count to 100.  Montessori Kinder, it is different.  Spencer sang a song that my wife and I could not decipher; Maeve explained it was the days of the week in Russian.  Of course!  One of the things we appreciate most is the cultural diversity.  Each day, the students may be exposed to English, Spanish, German and Russian.  Furthermore, Culture Camp during the summer is a chance to spotlight other countries.  Montessori Kinder, it is different.  Language Development is taught phonetically which helps students to sound-out new words.  Students are also exposed to science, history, gardening, art, practical life and many forms of music.  Montessori Kinder, it is different.  The children play outside daily.  They take on roles in their respective classrooms.  They are treated with love and respect, and they are expected to treat others in the same way.  Montessori Kinder, it is different.  While different can be a challenge, different can be a tremendous learning opportunity.  Our children have thrived in this environment.  Carol Ann Tomlinson, US Educator, once stated, “Plan to be better tomorrow than today, but don’t plan to be finished”.  Do not wait; take the first step in experiencing Montessori Kinder.
Allen and Shannon Clark, parents of Maeve (age 4) and Spencer (age 2).

“Just after our initial visit to Montessori Kinder we knew this was the right school for our son Grant, who was nine months old at the time. What we didn’t know was the magnitude of what was to follow.
Being first time parents, we began to educate ourselves about the Montessori philosophy and we were amazed with the science behind the methods vs. more traditional settings. We were drawn to the basic respect for the individual child, the natural and orderly learning environment, and the research showing that the most important time in childhood development is not, as originally thought , the years of age six through college, but rather the first six years of life!
The day to day results we observe with Grant in language, music, social skills, and the knowledge of subjects are constantly surprising us. One of our favorite “Montessori Moments” occurred at the park when Grant was approximately three years old. A young girl, approximately seven to eight years old ask Grant where he lived? Grant replied “In North America.”
We are truly blessed to have such a school in our area and Steve and I could not be more pleased with Grant’s progress and experiences at Montessori Kinder.”
Candy and Steve Scoggins, parents of Grant, (age 5, enrolled since 2007).

“We chose Montessori Kinder for our daughter Emma Sarah to give her the best foundation for success in education and life. The school is a fun and productive learning environment and Emma is excited about her school and learning. We are getting so much more than “child care” at Montessori Kinder: Emma is getting academic education plus she is learning how to be independent. Thanks for all you do.”
Tammy and David Johnson, parents of Emma Sarah Johnson, (age 6, enrolled since 2008).

“We are simply amazed by the independence our two year old daughter has acquired in just one year. Her desire to learn new lessons in the classroom translates into our home life. I know all her Montessori experiences are her foundation to be successful in both higher grades and in general life. Montessori Kinder is aiding our children to become responsible, self directed and well mannered adults. We love it here!”
Sarah and Jonathan Cantrell, parents of Caroline (age 2)  and Caldwell (age 7 months).

“As parents, choosing the right educational path for our children has been one of the biggest decisions we’ve made so far. Watching our children blossom into inquisitive, self motivated little people has been so rewarding to see. Montessori Kinder has been a foundation for the kid’s “love of learning” that they will carry with them through their lives. I am amazed daily with the “Montessori Method”…..and the outcome of it as well! It really is something all parents should see with their own eyes!”
Katherine and Cooper Hill, parents of Walker (age 6), Emmaline (age 5)  and Spencer (age 2, enrolled since 2010).