Brigitta Hoeferle, Owner & President

Brigitta Hoeferle is the owner and founder of the Montessori School of Cleveland. It is her passion, entrepreneurship and expertise that allows her and her school  to serve over 60 students from pre-school to 5th grade since 2005. Her and her loyal team have helped over 60 students from low income households with scholarship placement in the past 10 years. She has a passion to assist children and parents. In the past 10 years she has personally worked with thousands of parents & children and always comes from a place of service. Through her yearlong experience and expertise in education and her ongoing urge to develop herself and her team she maintains a one of a kind educational facility that  is much more than just a school. She is a licensed Montessori teacher and administrator by trade and by passion with several degrees and many certifications.

Andy Renwick, Director

Andy Renwick is a graduate of Lee University with a B.S. in Special Education. He has been a Georgia certified teacher in the Dalton Public School system of North Georgia for the past 10 years where he has served students with special needs ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. He was selected to chair the Special Ed department at two different schools during his tenure in Dalton as he strengthened and honed his leadership skills. A strong affinity for the Montessori philosophy of education has drawn Andy to The Montessori School of Cleveland. The Montessori upper elementary certification are part of his professional skills set and allow him to direct the school with knowledge and passion. Mister Renwick is a father of 3 beautiful children who are part of our Montessori community.

Lucia Whitford, Executive Assistant, Music Teacher and Assistant Teacher

Lucia E. Whitford is a native of Washington DC and a graduate of Ithaca College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in music. In elementary school she joined and sang with the professionally trained World Children’s Choir. While still in High School she helped produce CDs for the Choir as well as its concerts at Carnegie Hall and the White House. She has a widely diversified life experience. During her college years she was selected as a White House Intern. After graduating from Ithaca, she served on Vice-president Al Gore’s campaign for the presidency, eventually directing its outreach effort to the elderly. She also served as Special Assistant to Missouri Sen. Jean Carnahan. She moved to New York State to pursue a career as a Soprano and there met her husband. Deciding that a family was more important than a musical career, she moved to Cleveland, TN. where her children are part of our Montessori community.

LeeAnna Lutz, Lead Teacher of the Primary Community

Ms. Lutz is a well educated, loyal, and motivated teacher that has been with The Montessori School of Cleveland since August 2007. Her teaching experience of more than 30 years, combined with her certification in Montessori Methodology makes Ms. LeeAnna the Early Childhood specialist for ages 3-6 years. Ms. LeeAnna utilizes her hands-on teaching and guiding skills to lead the Montessori Kinder primary community with enthusiasm, structure, and love. Ms. LeeAnna was presented with the honorable Teacher of the Year award by the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce in 2014.

Megan Naquin, Lead Teacher of the Lower and Upper Elementary Community

Ms. Megan has returned to The Montessori School of Cleveland after living a year in Germany in 2013 and 2014. She is a TN licensed Elementary teacher with special education endorsement. Ms. Megan is a authentic Montessori teacher with a degree in Elementary Montessori methodology. Her passion in teaching and guiding children reflect in the difference she is able to make in children’s lives. Ms. Megan was presented with the honorable Teacher of the Year award by the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce in 2015.


Erica Parris, Lead Teacher of the Pre-Primary Community

Ms. Erica is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher at The Montessori School of Cleveland since January of 2014. She has a continuous curiosity for learning and is able to pass this on to her students. She is a TN licensed Elementary teacher with a special love for having a positive impact on children’s lives. Her areas of accreditation include Pre-K through 8th grade and special education K – 3rd grade. During her passionate work, she is also continuing her studies in the Montessori Methodology.


Joelle Cavitt, Teacher Assistant of the Primary Community

Ms. Joelle joined The Montessori School of Cleveland team in September 2012. Ms. Joelle has a BA in Communications with a minor in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. She has extensive experience working with children in music and the performing arts, and was most recently an arts educator for inner-city youth. She has a heart for children and their natural curiosity and creativity. She plans on pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education. She is a mother to two teenage daughters.

Rachel Renwick, Teacher of the Infant Community

Rachel Renwick attended Lee University with a strong interest in drama and acting. She employed these gifts at First Assembly of God in Chattanooga where she successfully led the drama ministry team to state and national level competitions. Rachel began her career as an insurance CSR and agent in Cleveland, TN at McIntire & Associates where she first learned about The Montessori School of Cleveland. After starting a family with her husband Andy, she decided to stay home with her three children where she homeschooled the eldest for the past years. Rachel is passionate about exercising her gifts of creativity and organization at The Montessori School of Cleveland.

Ashley Hanawalt, Assistant Teacher of the Pre-Primary Community

Ms. Ashley brings patience and a strong desire to foster individual creativity to our Pre-Primary classroom.  She is currently working toward her degree in Education at Chattanooga State and UTC.  Her long term goal is to work overseas, educating children who are at risk of being exploited and oppressed through human trafficking.


Amanda Snyder, Teacher of the Infant Community and After Care

A. Snyder3Ms. Amanda is the mother of two and has a heart for working with children.  She brings a consistent, gentle warmth to our infant community.

Hannah Elam, Teacher Aide of The Montessori School of Cleveland Community

Ms. Elam graduated from Ooltewah High School. She is a student of the Cleveland Trousdale School and worked in the Trousdale Card Shop. Miss Hannah is a member of The Montessori School of Cleveland team since 2010. She loves horses and enjoys traveling with her family. Ms. Hannah is a joy to work with and we are grateful that she is part of our loyal team!



Marjorie Sutter

Mademoiselle Sutter

Lauren Durham, Substitute Teacher & Teacher Aide

Ms. Durham has beem working with children since 2009.
She is working towards Master’s Degree in Elementary Education at Lee University at this time. With her focus on the Montessori Method, Ms. Lauren has been a dedicated and loving teacher since November 2008 at The Montessori School of Cleveland! She is a mother of two children.

Nikki Ellis, Substitute Teacher

Cecilia Simmons

Ms. Cecilia’s motivation to become a teacher stems from her homeschooling background. Learning from her mother and father showed her that education is a uniquely personal journey that a student undertakes in conjunction with their teacher.She feels privileged and honored to teach and influence the life of children as a Montessori teacher. Ms. Cecilia has always been up for a challenge and while pursuing her music education degree at Southern Adventist University she took a year off to study German abroad in Austria. Ms Cecilia has completed her B1 levels in Austria, returned to SAU and added german as a second major. She is more than thrilled to expand her pedagogical knowledge through her interactions with Montessori Kinder.


Katja Hindshammer, Volunteer

The Montessori School of Cleveland prides itself to employ only educated, knowledgeable, and ambitious staff members who have experienced a certain amount of higher education. All of our staff members participate in mandatory training sessions, including staff orientation, continuing training in Early Childhood Education, and in the Montessori Method.

The Montessori School of Cleveland aims to exceed the state-required 18 hours of training each year. Each staff member has accumulated over 58 hours of training in 2015/2016 (ytd).

All teachers have completed background checks and have been fingerprinted and approved by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The Montessori School of Cleveland is licensed by the Department of Education and by the Department of Health.

The Montessori School of Cleveland has been a member of the Cleveland/Bradley County Chamber of Commerce since 2005.