I began my relationship with Brigitta Hoeferle in 2006, when my son was 11 months old. We have been with Montessori Kinder for nearly four years, and I truly do not have enough accolades in my vocabulary to voice my pleasure with our experience. Brigitta has bent over backward to accommodate my family, and I appreciate her more than I can say. When our financial situation changed, Brigitta made every effort to find an agreement that would be mutually beneficial to us.
I truly could not ask for a better person to work with – Brigitta is passionate about childhood education, and I couldn’t possibly feel more confident in leaving my child in her care each and every day.
Holly Kesley, Mother, Teacher at Bradley County Schools
Brigitta is a driven, compassionate Type A personality who works exceptionally well with young children as a private school educator/director and with adults from all works of life. Not only is she continually on top of everything happening at her school, she is also effectively and efficiently effective in her numerous community support activities. Without exception she handles feathers in windstorms. An outstanding professional with whom I am privileged to associate.
Diane Potter, Grandmother, Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional
Brigitta is the most knowledgeable and professional educator I have ever met. She is also the most astute individual on recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of others. She is very direct in her approach to any problem, but she is never abrasive in offering her opinion on an effective solution.
Gail Gray, Grandmother, Independent Public Relations & Communications Professional




Our daughter was attending another school, and we thought we were satisfied. Before long, parents from Montessori Kinder asked us to consider making a move. I dug my feet for almost two years, while my wife sold after speaking to other parents and doing a little research.

Why? Montessori Kinder, it is different. A site visit softened y hesitations – plus we could be part of a growing school. Our daughter, Maeve (4 yrs. – Primary Classroom) and our son, Spencer, (2yrs. – Pre-Primary Classroom) started the summer session2010. From “chair management” (pushing char under table) to “will you introduce me to this lesson”, we quickly witnessed them flourish. Montessori Kinder, it is different. One morning, Maeve said, “Daddy, I have zero breakfast left”. Zero based counting helped her naturally progress to calculations beyond ten, even count to 100. Montessori Kinder, it is different. Spencer sang a song that my wife and I could not decipher; Maeve explained it was the days of the week in Russian.

Allen & Shannon Clark, Mother and Father
Brigitta is a great educator and director. Very Professional and highly dedicated to getting positive results while balancing the fact that she is working with children
Brian Brink, Father, Maint. Planner / Inventory Supervisor at JM Huber
Brigitta is a wonderful Director who we feel 100% comfortable working with our Grandson. He loves her and she has been a great influence on him.
John Holden, Grandfather, Owner, Pioneer Credit Co.

Allen & Shannon Clark, Mother and Father

Brian Brnik, Father

Gail Gray, Grandmother

Johnny Holden, Grandfather

Holly Kesley, Mother

Diana Potter, Grandmother

Joao Knies, Father

Katherine Spratlin, Mother

Phebe Gray, Mother

Andy Fincher, Father