THE MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF CLEVELAND’s goal is to empower children to be independent, open minded and compassionate, to develop a sense of themselves and others, and to appreciate the diversity of the human spirit. In addition to our commitment to the child, we are also dedicated to family support. Acknowledging the interdependence of the child with the home environment, our staff is prepared to support and guide parents to create a secure foundation for the family. We understand the difficulties many parents face raising children in today’s culture.

Specific goals for the children attending Montessori schools are:

  • Creating a love for learning
  • Creating core values
  • Developing a positive attitude toward school
  • Developing self confidence as an independent learner
  • Building a habit of concentration
  • Fostering curiosity
  • Developing habits of initiative and persistence
  • Fostering inner security and a sense of order
  • Sharpening the ability to judge
  • Developing creative intelligence and imagination

When graduating from The Montessori School of Cleveland, children should be willing and able to continue on the next level of public or private schooling.