The Montessori School of Cleveland offers programs for:

  • Lower and Upper Elementary (1st – 5th grade)
  • Primary (Pre-K – Kindergarten)
  • Infants & Toddlers (3 months – 36 months of age)

The Montessori School of Cleveland offers age-appropriate developmental curricula for children ages newborn to twelve years. The curricula is organized into the following learning areas:

  • Language Development: Activities that contribute to language development are at the core of the Montessori experience. Language is taught phonetically in order to provide students with the skills for reading as soon as they are ready. Different foreign languages (German and French) are part of the Montessori School of Cleveland classrooms.
  • Sensorial Materials: Self-correcting introductory Montessori materials cultivate students’ ability to make accurate judgments and comparisons of size, shape, color, sound, and texture to enable them to become more perceptive and analytical in their observations. These materials prepare the child developmentally for mathematics.
  • Mathematics: Montessori math materials enable students to learn about numbers concretely by working with especially designed manipulatives representing quantities with all operations.
  • Science Exploration: Students’ appreciation of nature is enhanced with regular hands-on experiments and exploration.
  • Practical Life Activities: A carefully chosen selection of small-motor activities designed to develop students’ independence, coordination, concentration, sense of order, and care for the environment.
  • Geography and Culture: Cultural diversity, customs, maps, and landforms are studied in our Geography and Culture area and throughout the curriculum on a daily basis.
  • Social Emphasis: Children are taught to get along with others and to be respectful of others and their work. Peace Education.
  • History
  • Grace and Courtesy
  • Yoga and Gymnastics
  • Music and Music Appreciation
  • Gardening and planting
  • Art and Art Appreciation

Students in each class work individually or in small groups, directed by a Montessori-certified teachers and assistants. Each class offers a stimulating, carefully planned environment for learning. The materials used are designed to provide a wide variety of experiences geared to the developmental needs of each child.

At the infant, toddler and primary level at The Montessori School of Cleveland, much of the learning happens as a natural part of play. At the upper primary (kindergarten) and elementary levels, the learning becomes more structured.
At each level, one-on-one instruction allows the curriculum to be individualized for each student.